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Friday 17 Sep 2021

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Here too you can get a copy of our Pocket Guides. These are distributed throughout Manchester and can be found in information racks across the city.

They are printed once every 2 months and look at the regions forthcoming events.

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  • Guides on ISSUU

    Guides on ISSUU

    Read our guides for FREE on ISSUU. This makes reading magazines easy on your computer or mobile device.

    Published: allways up to date

  • Pocket Guide Edition 3

    Pocket Guide Edition 3

    In this edition we look at the new Corn Exchange and explore the local area around it. We visit Bury and discover it's a great day out for all the family and we look forward to the coming months and highlight several interesting and fun things to do this Autumn and Winter in Greater Manchester.

    Published: 1st October 2016

  • Visitor Guide 2016/17

    Visitor Guide 2016/17

    New 2016 edition with expanded content featuring 132 pages about manchester, food & drink and its attractions. Available in 28 hotels in Manchester.

    Published: July 2016

  • Pocket Guide Edition 2

    Pocket Guide Edition 2

    Edition 2 of the Pocket Guide in which we look at Castlefield and Deansgate. We get an insider’s ‘Sippers Guide’ to great Manchester Bars and real beers and look forward to the Summer/Autumn highlight events.

    Published: August 2016

  • Pocket Guide Edition 1

    Pocket Guide Edition 1

    Edition 1 of the Pocket Guide; in which we look at Northern Quarter, Afternoon Teas, in the city, and forward to events in Manchester during the Spring/Summer

    Published: May 2016

  • Visitor Guide 2015/16

    Visitor Guide 2015/16

    Unlock Manchester's first visitor guide to the city of Manchester. This guide was available in many hotels across the city. Download this copy for free

    Published: September 2015

Manchester a City of ‘Quarters’

Bury - Part of Historic Manchester

Bury Town

Only 30 minutes by Tram from the City Centre, Bury and its attractions make a good day trip



Nestled between the Irwell and Medloack rivers Castlefield is where the Romans established 'Mamucium'. Experience the old and modern and explore its attractions

China Town - City Centre

China Town

China Town, a stone's throw from Piccadilly Gardens, offers restaurants, specialist supermarkets and entertainment all in one space



Connecting most parts of the city, this mile-long road is worth a stroll along and offers some great shops and places to eat

Read About All Manchester‘s Quarters