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Wednesday 28 Feb 2024

[@]Sinclair’s Oyster Bar

Sinclair's Oyster Bar

With a range of beers at extremely reasonable prices and a fantastic location on Exchange Square, Sinclair’s Oyster Bar is a popular place.

When you throw in the fact Sinclair’s was moved, brick-by-brick, 300 metres when the 1996 IRA bombing spurned new city centre development, it’s easy to see why the pub remains a veritable Manchester institution.

You won’t find a menu online, (or even a website at all – how quaint) and its basic outdoor bench seating when you do get there, but with six oysters for £12 the cheap prices are enough to ensure Sinclair’s is heaving on a sunny day.

For those daunted by slimy sea treats like oysters, they do a range of bar snacks and meals ranging from £3-£10 in price.


Sinclair's Oyster Bar
2 Cathedral Gates
Manchester M3 1SW

Opening Information:

Daily from 11am